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Neurodiverse characteristics such as attention to detail, expert knowledge within specific areas and honesty and reliability can often make autistic people a great asset in the workplace. Despite this however, unfortunately, autistic people experience difficulties in the work environment with high numbers of people reporting bullying, discrimination and difficulties in finding and keeping work. Often, simple and easy to implement changes in the workplace can result in increased productivity, job satisfaction and overall well being for both employers and autistic employees.

We offer bespoke support for autistic/Neurodiverse people within work settings to ensure that some of these barriers and difficulties can be overcome and employers and employees can enjoy the benefits of a positive workplace for autistic people.

This can include;

Help in understanding autism/ADHD and how it affects you in the workplace

Autism/ADHD Awareness training for colleagues and employers

Support and advice around reasonable adjustments for employees and employers

Support in understanding relationships in the workplace

Strategies to help with successful employment such as work management and organisation

The support that we offer may be available through the Access to Work Scheme, which is funded through the Department for Work and Pensions.

For more details on the Access to Work scheme, please follow the link below;

If you have an enquiry about access to work support, please fill in the enquiry form, or contact us via email or phone.

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