University Student Mentoring Services

1:1 Mentoring can help people with autism in identifying their strengths and challenges and in finding strategies which can enable people to reach their potential whilst at university.

DSA funded Specialist 1:1 Autism Mentoring

Starting university can be incredibly exciting but can also a difficult and stressful time, particularly for students with autism. A 1:1 mentor can be a key person in supporting a student to have a smooth transition into university, reach their potential and help them to achieve their goals.

We are registered with DSA QAG as Non Medical Helper (NMH) providers and have over 7 years experience in providing autism mentoring, supporting many students to navigate their way through university and develop a better understanding of their needs and the strategies which can support them.

1:1 Mentoring can help students with autism with the following areas (for example, list not exhaustive);

Developing and understanding social relationships

Support in understanding communication

Support with managing time and workload

Helping to break down assignments

Developing organisational skills

Dealing with perfectionism

Strategies to help in addressing depression and other mental health issues

Liaising and communicating with lecturers and academic staff

Promoting positive mental health

Support in understanding how autism affects you and strategies which may support you

Help in identifying any sensory issues and strategies to help in addressing these

For more information on eligibility and how to apply for DSA see link below;

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