Information for Needs Assessors

We currently have availability for new referrals, we can offer online sessions to students from all regions and can offer face to face meetings to students at the University of Wolverhampton.

Disabled student Allowances NMH rates;

Specialist Mentor (AS) £54 per hour (we do not charge VAT).

Why choose us?

We have a wealth of experience in supporting autistic students in HE and beyond. We have an excellent understanding of autism and in the issues that autistic students face in their daily lives as well as in HE. We have exemplary feedback from the students that we have supported over the years, who often say that our support has been key to their success.

As a smaller provider, we offer the unique advantage of being able to offer bespoke and tailored support to each individual student. We pride ourselves in establishing strong links with the student and can work closely with their HE provider where permissible and appropriate, in order to provide a holistic approach to support.

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